A New Patient Experience for the New Normal


How will you engage, support, and retain new fertility patients in the era of COVID-19? We’ve developed a brand new set of eLearning modules to inform patients before their first consult and guide them through their fertility workup and initial testing.

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With the rapid onset of COVID-19, fertility practices across the nation were forced to quickly alter their approaches to all aspects of care, from patient interactions to staffing workflows. Patients suddenly found themselves wearing masks and sitting six feet away from their doctor, or sitting in front of a screen to converse. Practices and providers were confronted with the additional challenge of keeping staff safe from the new threat, often resulting in rotating or reduced schedules and thus lessened clinical capacity.

When contact is limited and the distance between us is 6 feet or more, how can we optimize patient interactions, build trusting patient-provider relationships, and ensure the future of our businesses? We are likely to see lasting changes to patient and provider engagement, and while we can’t predict exactly what they’ll be, we can create solutions and implement efficiencies which better position both patients and practitioners for success.

It is through this lens that the EngagedMD team is looking at the situation and developing solutions to help practices get back to business in the short term and provide lasting benefits in the long term. We’ve long believed that the solution lies in the virtual world, where educational video modules coupled with comprehension questions and digital consenting enhance the patients’ treatment journey and streamline practice workflows. And this works – we’ve educated over 250,000 fertility patients about their treatment options through the EngagedMD platform.

But before treatment has begun, and when you’re meeting for the first time over a screen, how do you build trust and help patients feel comfortable starting their fertility journey with you and your team? Our newest offering provides a tangible asset to share with patients from the moment they schedule a new patient consultation, helping the virtual to feel more personal and enabling more engaged and meaningful patient interactions. Our portfolio now includes eLearn modules for the “New Patient” experience: Fertility 101, Diagnostic Testing, and Genetic Carrier Screening. With these additional touch-points, practices can pull patients into the journey, engage both patient and partner in the comfort of their own home, and increase patient retention. Even in a future where consultations are held over screens and in-office appointments are altered for minimal contact and maximum efficiency, providers can use these tools to position both their patients and their practices to succeed.

To help during this time of transition, EngagedMD is offering free use of the beta version of all New Patient modules through July 15th. We’ll be gathering your feedback and using your input to further optimize these modules, making them effective for your practice both now and long-term. 


Videos are available for immediate set-up

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