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How a Video Comes to Life

The data is clear — video is the most effective way to educate people on complex topics. At EngagedMD, we’ve spent the past 6 years and have invested millions of dollars into building fertility video content. As more practices look to improve their patient education and experience, we’ve decided to open source our process so that you can avoid the bumps and bruises we’ve learned in our journey! Enjoy this abbreviated guide to creating premium educational content.

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EngagedMD used to study efficacy in communicating patient risks

EngagedMD was featured in a study which set out to analyze how effectively a multimedia platform can help patients to understand risks. To quote the study results,

"A total of 3,097 patients/partners (49% of 6,333 survey questionnaires) who completed the multimedia platforms and answered the five key questions were analyzed, comprising 2,046 (66%) IVF modules and 1,051 (34%) OI-IUI treatment modules. Because this study did not track the respondents' progress through medical treatment, including whether they ultimately completed an ART procedure, it is unknown how many or which patients who completed the platform and the survey did not complete a cycle. The completed surveys included 1,554 (50%) respondents whose partners did not take the survey and 1,543 (50%) respondents who completed the survey with their partner. In general, the majority of respondents—3,056 (99%) of 3,097—felt that being properly informed about their care was either important or very important.

Overall, 2,472 (93%) of 2,661 patients felt the multimedia platform was intuitive to use, 2,421 (90%) of 2,699 thought it was of an appropriate length, and 2,553 (95%) of 2,699 found it to have an appropriate level of detail. In addition, 2,382 (89.4%) of 2,663 patients stated that the comprehension questions helped reinforce key concepts. Also, 2,946 (96%) of 3,097 respondents liked learning about IVF or OI-IUI treatment from the multimedia platform, and 3,001 (97%) of 3,097 participants felt its videos were a helpful addition to consultations with their medical team; 1,528 (49%) of 3,097 participants felt it answered many questions that they otherwise would have asked, and 1,390 (45%) of 3,097 found that it answered one or a few questions. Furthermore, 2,323 (86%) of 2,693 patients agreed or strongly agreed that the multimedia platform better prepared them to sign consent documents, 530 (77%) of 686 agreed or strongly agreed that it made them more comfortable pursuing treatment, and 2,229 (83%) 2,691 agreed or strongly agreed that it improved their satisfaction with their care."

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Fertility & Sterility study reveals impact of enhanced nurse education

As embryology laboratory and reproductive genetic testing continue to evolve, reproductive endocrinology nurses must be able to understand the impact of these tests and procedures to be comfortable and confident in the role of counselor and in obtaining informed consent from patients and their partners. Unfortunately, there are often gaps in education on embryology and genetic testing results, limiting their ability to effectively counsel over time. Fertility and Sterility recently published a study on the impact of an educational program on the knowledge base of nurses on those topics to determine both improvement in knowledge and confidence in their ability to counsel.

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